Do Gimmicks Work?

Have you read the healines about the 100% Buy Back Guarantee?

I wanted a better understanding of how these program worked…what the "qualifying criteria" actually was.  With all the information normally available on-line, I was surprised that the only program terms I could locate were printed 5 years ago!  I have to ask, Why don't companies publish restrictions openly, especially ones that are as involved as these? In the absence of current disclosure, let take a look at what I did find... (source:
Seller's Application:
1.  Minimum price in program - $75,000; Maximum price in program - $600,000
2.  Listed X company with a present term of at least 180 days, at the full commission rate
3.  Free-standing, single-family dwelling; no co-ops, cluster homes, or condominiums
4.  Guarantee fee paid by buyer
Buyer's Application:
1.  If buyer wants the Money Back Guarantee, the buyer pays 1% of sale price.
2.  Buyer must sign Money Back Guarantee rider and Buyer application at time of presentation of offer
3.  The company must list and sell the property
4.  Free-standing, single-family dwelling; no co-ops, cluster homes, or condominiums
5.  Minimum price - $75,000; Maximum price - $600,000
6.  Buyer must occupy home as residence
If Buyer Elects To Have Home Trade-In Company, Inc. Repurchase The Home:
1.  Buyer must inform Home Trade-In Company, Inc. in writing of election...

Can I have two VA loans ???

McLean Mortgage  constantly gets asked “Can I have two VA Loans?” The answer varies depending on the situation. It depends on the amount of entitlement and the loan amount.

There are two types of entitlements – basic and the bonus entitlement. The basic VA entitlement is $36,000. Every eligible veteran also receives a “bonus” entitlement which is much more than the basic. The bonus entitlement kicks in for VA loan amounts over $144,000.00. Essentially the entitlements can be used for any loan amount without a cap. There is however, a limit on the amount the VA will guarantee. This is based off the VA county limits. If you’re county limit is $417,000 than the VA will only guarantee a loan for $417,000 and nothing more. Both entitlements can be used in combination with each other.

If a veteran has a loan that is up to $144,000 than the veterans bonus entitlement is still available. The only issue is that the VA loan is only for owner occupied properties, which means you can’t have more than one VA loan in the same city.

Veterans can use their entitlements as many times as they want, as long as prior VA loans have been paid off, or if a veterans’ entitlement is still available. The VA entitlements are restored when prior VA loans are paid in full.